Visa Update

Tuesday started out well at the consulate.  Early arrival, easy parking, shorter line.  The PA system was up and running and the credit card system was also accepting payments:  Both improvements from Monday.  We were in and out in about an hour.  PHEW!  What a wonderful relief.  My cheerfulness faded when we got back to the car and realized that we’re idiots and can’t read signs…  Tuesdays are street sweeping day behind the consulate and the state of California is obviously digging out of a debt.  $64!  This turned into a very expensive morning. $130 visa + $30 expediting fee x 2 + parking ticket. Ouch.

Despite this annoying hiccup, we decided to take a stab at the Indian visa.  After observing a heated exchange about bureaucracy from a fuming Indian gentleman, waiting on hold for 30 minutes for clarification on processing times and expediting fees, ultimately learning it could take more than a week to process the visa, we decided to go through this new visa process when we have more time.  Maybe it’s easy in Tokyo?  Probably not, but we’ll just have to find out later!


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