Hello Moto

hello moto

Wind-blown and exhausted, we passed our skills test! Motorcyclists, we now are…

Before I bought that adorable green scooter, I promised my parents I’d take a motorcycle safety class.  Two years have passed, and I finally invested a weekend to my motorcycle skills.   (Sorry mom and dad.)

This class was no joke… five hours on the bike Saturday and Sunday.  We were exhausted.  I can say that I feel more confident on a heavy bike, swerving, shifting (up to 30 mph ha!), and quick-stopping like a champ.  My figure-eights need a little work.

Paul aced his test… finishing 10 minutes before everyone else… which after graduating over a decade ago still drives me bonkers!   Those of you who shared a classroom with Mr. Adams will empathize.  Paul also aced the skills portion… which made me weirdly proud… and definitely more at ease with the idea of sitting behind him on a bike.  I’ll spare you the story of the first time he drove with me on the back of my scooter.

We think this will give us just one more option for transportation during our trip.  My friend Niki has already jumped at the opportunity to introduce me to her friend, Dave, who took a 2-month motorcycle trip around Chile and Argentina.  He says “he made tons of mistakes and wants to tell [us] about them so [we] don’t do the same”.  Awesome… we don’t want to make any mistakes ha!  Maybe we’ll visit Dave in Thailand, since that’s where he’s living it up now.  More options, more places, new friends.  This is going to be fun :)


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