Today I walked by the MCA on the way to my car, which I do every day. I can’t say I look at it most of the time. The outside of the building never changes, but today I noticed a new exhibit. Inside the dark museum, I saw a simple neon sign: “there.” Now, contemporary art usually escapes me because it’s a bit too esoteric, and I didn’t think much about the message. But a few beats later it only said “here.”

For any human being, the vast majority of the world is “there.” It’s simply too big for any one person to know beyond a very small corner, their own “here” that won’t change much during their lifetime. Jacque and I are becoming intentionally unemployed, spending a small fortune, forgoing comforts, living out of a small backpack, possibly getting sick, and straying from our beloved Colorado. The shifting sign gave me the realization that we are willing to do all of that for the chance, however short, to turn “there” into “here.” To make China or Laos or Botswana or Patagonia not just a place that is neat in a magazine but a living, breathing “here,” the same “here” as it is for the people that see the Rocky Mountains as “there.”

I’ll be damned if that’s not cool.

And now I owe the artist the honor of finding out his/her name. I suppose we’ll have to stop by the museum sometime soon.



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