Park City | Utah

We enjoyed another awesome weekend of thick powder, fresh food, and delightful friends!  It was a treat to spend time with Dani and John in their new home in Park City.  They have graced me with such wonderful hospitality during my trips to NYC and it was fun to share that affection with Paul on this trip.  Since our initial decision to travel, we’d been looking forward to some face-to-face time with a couple that has actually made an around-the-world trip happen.  It doesn’t hurt that skiing in Utah holds a place on my top 10 list ;)

Deer Valley didn’t disappoint, dumping 14” of powder on a relatively crowd-free Saturday.  Lunch was a special treat… we ate in the lodge where we celebrated Dani and John’s wedding just a few summers ago.  Après ski included live music, and though we tried to eat at the new local hot spot, High West Distillery and Saloon (, we opted for sushi after a 2 ½ hour wait.  The storm lingered over town for another night, turning to rain.

For breakfast, our lovely hosts cooked up farm fresh eggs from their family farm in Montana, and then the four of us scooted off to a 90-mintue hot yoga class to ease our sore legs.  Serious detox.  After a quick shower, we scarfed down a yummy lunch at the conveniently-close Silver Star Café ( leaving us plenty of time to catch our afternoon flight back to Denver.  Another successful ski weekend!

When Paul and I were going to bed on Saturday, he said to me, “You’re so happy.”  It’s true.  There is something so fulfilling about spending the weekend with Dani.  She revitalizes me.  Old friends have a place in our lives that cannot be matched by the new.  Something about the unsaid understanding you have about one another, or that you’ve shared the kind of experiences usually reserved for close siblings.  We awkwardly made our way through junior high, shared heartache in our 20’s, and now leap tentatively into young adulthood.  We spent a lot of time this weekend talking about lifestyle choices, and making decisions that ultimately make us happier people… spending money on experiences instead of the single family homes many of our friends now inhabit.  We steadfastly believe in our choices, but still make the uncomfortable realization that these choices will likely change our financial trajectory.  Private high schools and new SUV’s might be luxuries that remain out of reach.  BUT, we say, the experiences and time with one another, are what will ultimately make us satisfied, fulfilled, happy.  Much like old friends…




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