magical traveling scarf?

After Jacque and I came back from our Croatia-Bosnia-Turkey-Czech-Iceland trip (you know, the one that brought us together), I put several pictures on my cubicle whiteboard at work.  One day, a coworker was looking through my pictures, marveling at all the amazing places we’d been.  I felt like a highly esteemed world traveler, newly experienced in the ways of the world, when he caught me off guard:

“Is she wearing the same scarf in all of these pictures?”

Why, yes, she was.

And so, with a few choice words, my coworker Michael proceeded to coin the magical traveling scarf.  I don’t know if Jacque plans to bring the famous scarf on our worldwide wander, but we’ll only have a week’s worth of clothes.  Something is bound to be magical.



Sarajevo Brewery


Prerov, Czech Republic




Reykjavik, Iceland


Back home in Denver

Reproduction of the whiteboard in question

Reproduction of the whiteboard in question


One thought on “magical traveling scarf?

  1. Loved the travelogue of the temples and very fun about the connection to your favorite video game, Paul! Also reminds me of the imagery from Jumanji. Can’t wait for the next installment… Hugs to you both.


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