We planned our Steamboat weekend over the Christmas holiday while eating Carol’s famous Christmas mooseballs (deliciously sweet rounds of chocolate covered peanut butter) and playing Mexican Train.  What we hadn’t planned on was the pounding of snow our Colorado mountains would get. Lynn and Charley bragged about their “Epic” Friday, while Paul and I tried to sneak out of work the day before the Superbowl Weekend.   In typical Carol and Dave fashion, they hosted a wonderful weekend of powder, home-cooked meals, games, and a roaring wood fireplace.  Did I mention they were in the midst of selling their house and trying to pack?!  True hospitality, I tell you.

Next weekend planned… Winter Park closing weekend with the Murray’s.  I’m thinking costumes, blonde ‘fros and maybe a boa.  This all to distract me from the biggest bummer of the weekend (other than the Broncos’ loss)… what I believe is a hip labral tear.  I seem to forget that falling is for snowboarding teens.  Ouch.  Hopefully this one won’t require a ton of physical therapy.


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